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Band Mission

As the Mighty Owl Band we are dedicated to excellence in all that we do, keeping to the forefront Integrity, Discipline, and Pride - for the School, Group, and Individual.

Band Heritage / Legacy

The history of the Mighty Owl Band at Garland High School dates back to the early years of the  20th Century. We have a long tradition of excellence, having won numerous championships and awards throughout our history. Our band members are dedicated to their craft and work hard to maintain the standards set by those who have come before us.

  • MOB Alumni

MOB Band Alumni

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A Home for the Arts

Garland High School is home to the Academy of Fine Arts magnet. Students in the Academy are able to hone their artistic skills through rigorous and accelerated coursework as well as interacting with local and global artists in their fields.

Our Historic School

Located in the historic heart of downtown, Garland High School is the original high school in Garland system and was established more than 120 years ago.  Our school has a proud legacy and a sense of tradition not found at other campuses. Our band program honors this heritage and strives to maintain the excellence of the past while forging new paths into the future.

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Garland High School Alumni Association

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